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From an early age, Chiemeri set out to become a performer and professional Artist. Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will and determination has helped push this artist forward and continues to drive her development and success. Check out her newest productions below, and get in touch with any questions about Chiemeri.


Natalie Smiles

Chiemeri's First Children's Book

This book was written in loving memory of Chiemeri's Childhood Best Friend who Went to be with The Lord after complications with Lupus.

Info: Natalie is a young girl who suddenly finds herself battling Lupus. Her family and friends rally around her to make her last days full of love and comfort. This book helps explain death and disease to little ones, in a gentle way that will leave them with a sense of hope and happiness. Our loved ones have simply gone to be with The Lord, and God, loves us more than we could ever imagine.


Kafe Con Krema

Chiemeri & Cuban Diva

Chiemeri & Cuban Diva join forces to create a Dynamic Duo. A Nigerian/Cuban Collaboration


In the News

Houston Press

The Houston Press Reviews Chiemeri's Acting Chops

September 27, 2019

African School Girls is "Set in an all-girls boarding school in eastern Ghana, the senior class is ruled by Paulina (a riveting Chiemeri Osemele) who keeps her adoring coterie in thrall by tales of her soccer-star boyfriend, rich relatives who live in America, and her wardrobe. She is the alpha female, using intimidation, threats, and downright bitchery to stay on top. "

The Hype Magazine

December 30, 2015

Chiemeri has completed her debut EP using WalkOneProductions for production, The Bar League (lyrics and co-production) Songwriters Niqui, Silvanus and herself. The EP features some of Houston’s hottest talent; Slim Thug, Pyrex, Just Brittany, Noonie Jr., and Raymond A.

Top AFricMusic

March 10, 2019

According to Chiemeri “Let your haters be your motivators. Success is always the best revenge”.  This is what her latest song entitled “Hater’s Anthem” talks about.  This track features a Cuban Diva called Cuban Diva.  Afrobeat and Cuban music coming together and creating a unique mixture.

Chiemeri is unique.  You cant compare her to no one else out there cos she is her own competition.  You can tell when you listen to her that she is a true hussler. 

She is all about her music and business.  “Hater’s Anthem ” tells you all about her attitude which is let them hate while I make it.  
Although we look forward to doing a live interview with Chiemeri really soon, we got a chance to do a one on one interview with the Nigerian American diva and here’s what she had to say below

New Music: Hater's Anthem

March 5, 2019

This latest release is what happens when a Nigerian and a Cuban join forces to create a unique sound. The track is produced by Beats by Big H (Giant of Africa) who is well known in the Afrobeat community. The sound he created on this track is a mixtrure of Afrobeat, Reggatone and dance, Creating a  Afrobeat/Reggatone pop sound. Throw in lyrics by Chiemeri and Millicent Osemele, you can here Nigerian pidgin english as well as spanish being sung on this catchy uplifting tune. A dance track with a positive message you can really move to.


About Chiemeri

Chiemeri is a First Generation Nigerian American Actress, Model, Songwriter, classically trained Vocalist, and Choreographer ( Ballet, Tap and Jazz). Chiemeri’s music has taken her all over Texas, other regions of The United States, and her music is also played on an international level as well. Chiemeri's music has a media base on the "Urban AC" and "Pop" playlist. She’s been featured in several magazines "The Hype Magazine" and "Meeko TV" and “Street flava”to name a few. One of her highest honors is singing the National Anthem at Houston Stadiums for Home Games. Besides her own music, she has featured with other well known artist of the Houston area like Slim Thug (featured on songs with Beyonce & Gwen Stefani) & Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's, Just Brittany. Chiemeri was scouted at the age of 15 and signed with Neal Hamil Agency. This began her career in print, runway and music video modeling. Chiemeri has been landing lead roles in top Musical Theater productions since Jr. High, so it was only natural that she found her way back to the stage. Chiemeri made her professional theatrical debut in 2019 after landing the lead role in “African Mean Girls “ this was her 1st audition for a professional theater. In this role, Chiemeri was able to take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions. Laughter, anger, sorrow and tears, and did all of this in an authentic West African Accent with mannerisms to match. She truly became Paulina. The audience weren’t the only ones who sang their praises. D.L. Groover, Journalist with The Houston Press ssaid her performance in “African Mean Girls” was “Riveting.” Chiemeri plans to continue to work on her craft and is excited to see what the future may hold as she continues to pursue a career in Theater, TV, & Film. 



Houston|Galveston TX, USA